This site is about a renewed journey, beginning with the ending of one career, advertising & marketing, and the start of several others. Six years ago, we “jumped,” and moved from Texas to Colorado. We traded looking at our next door neighbor’s utility room window in Dallas for a view of the Rocky Mountains. Our new neighbors are a little on the wild side – deer, bears, foxes, mountain lions and other assorted four-legged creatures. Rocko, Jeffrey and Riot, the animal squad, share our tree house on the side of a mountain.

Now that you have the preamble on how we came to this place, I’ll get to the reason for this website. Tying yourself image to what you do for a living is an American standard. It’s how we measure our self-worth, our place in society, our social standing and our insatiable thirst for stuff.  Crazy as it sounds, that’s how it works.

But what if you let all that go? What if you stripped away the façade and got down to the basics? That’s what we did and it has been an enlightening experience, not to mention a journey of self-discovery.

Moving to Colorado has offered many new experiences: carpenter, landscaper, painter, snow thrower, mover, bartender, motorcycle restoration and most recently, a MFS RiderCoach instructing new motorcycle riders on the finer points of motorcycle safety and riding skill.

The mission for this website is to expose all the possibilities that surround us and maybe, just maybe, entice some of you to join in on our journey.


If you were searching for wambam.com, this is the place. I’m still engaged in advertising (it’s like an addiction) but on a consultative basis. So, take some time to check out the opinion section. If you want to talk about engagement, please use the contact form and I’ll get back to you.