How To Grow A Small Business In A Crowded Market Segment

Many small businesses are faced with the same challenge – how to differentiate their service or product offering and increase their customer base. Most small businesses are created by the vision of the founder and lots of hard work. As the business achieves early growth, the founder may bring in family members or others to help run the business. Through hard work, the business achieves success and builds a stable customer base. Now the founder has become a manager, with most of his or her attention focused on running the business. However, after a while the business plateaus and growth becomes harder to achieve and sustain.

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Google AdWords Experiments – What You Need To Know

Google AdWords experiments provide an avenue to test new ads and keywords.

Google AdWords experiments provide an avenue to test new ads and keywords.

Google AdWords experiments can provide insight into increasing click-through rates and conversions.

Running successful long-term AdWords campaigns can be a balancing act between key word selection and budget allocation. Google AdWords experiments provide an avenue to test new ads and keywords against existing ads at the same time. However, there can be a downside to running an experiment in the form of Continue reading

Impressions, Clicks and Conversion Rates

Impressions and clicks are symbiotic and are the parents of conversions.

Impressions and clicks are symbiotic and are the parents of conversions.

Segmentation reporting by device can refine bidding strategy and increase conversion rates.

Understanding marketing’s contribution to revenue generation has two sides. Traditional brand value and awareness measurement require research, focus groups, and surveys to understand the customer’s emotional connection with the brand and their acceptance or rejection of the brand’s promise. Continue reading

Show Pilots: Is Your Brand Capable of Being a Media Network?

Is Your Brand Capable of Being a Media Network?
Customers are looking past brand feature/function and want a brand experience.

Recently I attended Colorado Ad Day on the CU Boulder campus. Steve Babcock, Chief Creative Officer for Vayner Media, presented his thoughts on creating and producing branded content. Steve is an advocate of producing “show approach pilots” much the same way that networks produce episode pilots to measure audience engagement and interest. Continue reading

Is Google Ad Words Search and Display Internet Advertising Right For You?

Blog_135_720px_388px_Is Google Ad Words Search and Display Internet Advertising Right For You?

Executed correctly, an Ad Words and Display advertising campaign will complement your organic search results.

We’ve grown accustomed to believing that the search and social media platforms on the internet are a free service. The truth, however, resides in the fact that paid advertising on those mammoth digital platforms keeps all those bits and bytes flowing in and out of your smart phone, tablet, and desktop computer. Continue reading

How website analytics can help sharpen your advertising placement

Knowing where your website traffic originates allows you to redirect your advertising to new territories.

The internet is the undisputed king when it comes to assisting us in researching and identifying items we are interested in or want to purchase immediately.

This can be attributed to the basic architecture of internet search. Keywords drive search. Therefore, when we enter a search query, in return we get thousands of potential websites that may or may not provide the immediate gratification of finding the items we are searching for. Continue reading

Digital Ad Targeting – What Do Marketers Know About You?

More than you suspect – first, second, and third party data

The adoption of programmatic advertising has given rise to digital ad targeting that uses captured data for ad placement across ad exchanges and networks.

This captured data is referred to as first, second, and third party data. Depending on which side of the buy/sell equation you stand on — advertiser or publisher — these terms have different meanings. What is important to keep in mind is just about all programmatic advertising is data driven marketing, with the intent of making more efficient targeted ad buying. Continue reading

Ad Technology: Programmatic Advertising

Welcome to the high-speed trading desk for automated digital advertising placement

Marketers spent more then $3.37 billion on programmatic advertising last year. eMarketer is estimating the programmatic advertising will top $9 billion by 2017. Research studies by the Association of National Advertisers and Forrester indicated that only 23% of marketers said they used and understood programmatic advertising and that 26% indicated they understood the concept but needed to learn more about how to apply it to campaigns. Continue reading