Aviation Marketing: Generate More Revenue by Providing a Better Brand Experience

Exceeding Customer Expectations

Marketers can contribute to top line growth generation by providing a better brand experience at critical customer touchpoints.

Reuben Steiger, Principal at Methods New York studio, wrote an article for Fast Company Design.com entitled, “Great Brands Are About Fusing Product And Service. How Do You Do It?” In the article, Reuben identifies actionable items to create a better brand experience. Below is my interpretation of his article for aviation marketers and how a better brand experience can lead to generating more top line revenue. Continue reading

Aviation Marketing: Measuring Digital Display Advertising ROI

ROI data

Define what to measure before the campaign begins

Defining what to measure before the campaign begins in order to yield accurate quantifiable RIO data.

The lines between print and online advertising no longer exist. The Internet has matured and digital networks have become more sophisticated.

Today, digital display advertising effectiveness is measured mostly with ad server based metrics, as if site traffic is a direct indicator of advertising effectiveness. However, click through rates, page views, and time spent on page provide little in the way of measuring advertising effectiveness as it relates to purchasing behavior. Continue reading

Aviation Marketing: Digital Adoption and Content Creation

tablet adoption provides aviaiton marketers with new ways to connect

Smart phone, E-reader and tablet adoption is providing aviation marketers with new ways to connect with a diverse audience.

In their Top Digital Trends Report, eMarketerTM predicts that there will be over 89 million tablet users, 53 million e-reader users and 148 million smart phone users in the United States by 2014.

If this digital adoption trend prediction is correct aviation marketers will have numerous platforms and networks with which to engage customers and prospects through out the purchase cycle. Continue reading

Determining Advertising Return On Investment (AROI) for Aviation Marketing

If you don’t know what you are measuring, how can you measure it?

CFOs and CMOs must agree on what to measure when determining AROI.

The largest line item and most visible part of your Aviation Marketing program is advertising. Yet there is considerable confusion in understanding advertising’s impact and measuring its accountability.

Pick up any business publication and chances are there will be an article about the death of outbound marketing, namely, advertising. Much of the angst associated with aviation advertising is based on measuring the effectiveness of advertising and the best way to build those data chains. Continue reading