Brand Value – What Does Brand Value Mean To A Small Business?

The most common understanding of brand value is a percentage of financial value assigned to the brand’s name. It is an educated guess based on how much more a customer will pay to be associated with the brand.

Let’s move past the educated guess part and toward the trust factor associated with the brand.

Nike, BMW, Pampers, and Southwest Airlines all covet their brand value because it represents a repeatable and trusted experience associated with the brand. In essence, it’s the brand’s reputation.

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Impressions, Clicks and Conversion Rates

Segmentation reporting by device can refine bidding strategy and increase conversion rates.

Understanding marketing’s contribution to revenue generation has two sides. Traditional brand value and awareness measurement require research, focus groups, and surveys to understand the customer’s emotional connection with the brand and their acceptance or rejection of the brand’s promise.

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Aviation Marketing: Big data and creativity

Creativity needs big data to define the landscape in which the brand operates
One provides tactical insight, the other the emotional glue

Big data is the buzzword of the day. The techno savvy number crunchers are heralding big data as an “end all, be all” for tracking RIO and determining which marketing initiatives to fund. I’m in agreement that big data, when properly interpreted, can provide customer insight as to the purchasing habits and the media channel that culminated the sale. No argument – this is valid tactical information and should be considered when planning marketing initiatives.

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Aviation Marketing: What’s your media strategy for brand engagement?

Mobile people-to-people marketing
In the digital ecosystem, brand engagement is achieved by continuing the conversation.

I recently attended a seminar put on by the Digital Knowledge Centre in conjunction with the American Association of Advertising Agencies. The topic for the full day event was integrated digital brand strategy.  An excerpt:

First aviation marketers should fully grasp the explosion of media channels and how that is impacting the distribution of content. In the modern media landscape brand engagement happens in three categories — bought, owned, and earned media.

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Aviation Marketing: Social Media is not going away

Like-minded people
The primal appeal of social media is the connectedness of like-minded people

In recent years, the emergence of different social media technologies has spurred a revolution in the aviation marketing. Today’s market necessitates that aviation manufacturers utilize these tools as an integral component to help build brand value.

“The Social Economy: Unlocking Value and Productivity through Social Technologies,” published by McKinsey & Company, presents a forward view on how social technologies impact value creation for manufacturing and service companies.

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