Why We Are Drowning in Internet Content

The internet became the yellow pages and how brand marketers can rise above it.

I recently performed a google search using the queue — crap internet content — which returned 2,770,000 results in 0.68 seconds. This statistic alone should speak volumes about the current state of the internet and the questionable quality of the content that is pumped out for public consumption. With so much underwhelming, misdirected, me-too, and opinion-stated-as-fact content available for consumption, it’s no wonder our attention spans are being reduced to microseconds.

To rise above the swill of mediocre internet advertising, brand marketers must produce content that is original, interesting, and captivating.

Here’s a confession from a 30-plus year advertising veteran – no one wants a relationship with your brand. If the content is interesting and aligned with your brand, the viewer may read a blog or view a video if there is something that they deem worthwhile and has value.

This is not to say that there are not avenues available to brand marketers that can reach and achieve their business goals. I think it will take a shift in perspective and thinking to see brands as media channels that produce content that is so superior that other brands are willing to pay to be associated with the brand channel.

For example, a retail outlet that sells motorcycle gear and accessories would be a natural channel for brands in this market segment to place their video and digital advertising because the site’s content is in context with motorcycle enthusiasts.

In addition, this could be supported with organic, paid search, and mobile apps to drive customers to the retail outlet, creating a win-win situation for the retail store and the brands it carries.

How screen size affects content quality and our attention span

 How long is too long? How short is too short? 600, 400, 300 word blogs? 60, 30, 15 or 6 second commercials? There are opinions and data points that can justify all of the above. ComScore’s 2017 mobile usage report indicated that in the United States, 71% of time spent online is through our smart phone. While this statistic is impressive (most of it is for texting, games and surfing social media sites), it’s also important to remember the influence of multi-platform — desktop and tablet. Considered and high value purchases are still in the domain of larger screen devices. This gives brand marketers the screen real estate needed to produce and deliver interesting content in formats that provide the viewer a rich media experience leading to higher online/offline conversion rates.

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