3 ways to improve your website’s organic search results

Predictive keyword selection and relevant landing page content can improve organic search results

One of several ways to improve organic search results for your website is to understand how Google uses its algorithms for Ad Words’ quality score and page ranking.

Every time a search query is entered into Google search, a behind-the-scenes high-tech auction takes place based on the key word entered, keyword bid, and the corresponding landing pages that match to the keyword enquiry. This forms the foundation for Google’s Ad Words’ multi-billion dollar ad business. It also provides insight as to how to improve your search engine page ranking for organic search.

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Aviation Marketing: New Google analytic features provide rich customer insights

New Google analytic features make it easer to track conversions and make better decisions about which marketing activities have the highest ROI.

When it comes to e-commerce, you’re only as good as your data. For aviation marketers that rely on online sales, Google has rolled out new tracking features that help identify outbound and inbound marketing tactics that are pulling their weight. Continue reading

Aviation Marketing: Social media strategy and measurement metrics

Like a good pilot, aviation marketers should chart a course for identifying social media direction, measurement metrics, and business results.

The Altimeter Group published an open research study entitled “A Framework for Social Analytics”. They propose a social media measurement compass as a way to keep social media activities on course and measure social media’s impact on achieving business goals.

My interpretation for aviation marketers is that they should take a granular look at their business operations for areas of opportunity beyond marketing where social media can enhance business process and revenue generation.

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Aviation Marketing: How non-visible web content can improve click through rates

Aviation marketers should have a basic understanding of description meta tags to provide both search engines and users with a summary about their web pages. 

Google published their Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide for webmasters that are new to the topic and wish to improve their SEO knowledge. Here is their view on writing effective page description meta tags along with my insight for aviation marketers. Continue reading

Aviation Marketing: Search Engine Optimization 101

Aviation marketers should be aware of best practices for basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to elevate organic Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranking for key word search.

Achieving better SEO results is a matter of making small modifications to your website. These modifications totaled together can elevate page rankings and improve search results. SEO can seem like black box technology when in reality it’s a matter of understanding your audiences, providing quality content and knowing how to optimize your site to be more search engine friendly. Continue reading