3 ways to improve your website’s organic search results

Predictive keyword selection and relevant landing page content can improve organic search results

One of several ways to improve organic search results for your website is to understand how Google uses its algorithms for Ad Words’ quality score and page ranking.

Every time a search query is entered into Google search, a behind-the-scenes high-tech auction takes place based on the key word entered, keyword bid, and the corresponding landing pages that match to the keyword enquiry. This forms the foundation for Google’s Ad Words’ multi-billion dollar ad business. It also provides insight as to how to improve your search engine page ranking for organic search.

3 ways to improve your website’s organic search results

Predictive keyword selection

While I’m not an advocate of writing page content exclusively for search bots, there are some factors to consider. Think of how a potential customer would start an online search for your product or service. What words would they use to describe what they are looking for or the solution to a problem they might be experiencing? Use this as an outline to organize page content and create subheads that incorporate keywords and search terms.

One free tool that is very helpful is the Google keyword planner. The planner lets you research key words that are relevant to your product or service offering and get historical statistics and traffic forecasts such as predicted clicks and estimated conversions based on selected key words.

Relevant landing page content

For every search query, Google has millions of catalogued pages that are considered possible matches to the query search term. When designing your website, consider creating internal landing pages dedicated to specific keyword search terms. This tactic will bypass the index page and take the viewer directly to the page with the most relevant content that matches the search query requested.

Implement Google analytics to identify search engine optimization tactics to improve click through rates

The “Acquisition” menu in Google analytics provides an overview of your website traffic.  In the section you can identify channels — direct, organic search, referral, social — that send web traffic to your site as well as search terms’ queries and specific landing pages on your site that viewers visit when searching for products and services your company offers. Knowing the search query terms allows you to experiment with new keywords that can drive additional traffic to your site.

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