Why brands should establish ethical principles for data collection

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Data collected should provide value to all concerned parties

The Altimeter Group published “The Trust Imperative: A Framework for Ethical Data Use.” The report gathered information from several different sources to provide a well-rounded view of how consumers view data collection and how organizations are starting to rethink data collection practices. Continue reading

Creating better online content

Brands must know themselves before they start to publish

Rebecca Lieb, Jessica Groopman, and Susan Etlinger of the Altimeter Group published “A Culture of Content,” A Best Practices Report. The report covers in detail how leading brands are creating a corporate ecosystem that encourages content development at every level of the organization. While many of their best practice recommendations were not new, one insight that stood out was that brands must know themselves before they can create content that is meaningful and helps to achieve business goals.

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Aviation Marketing: The difference between strategy and tactics

Strategy and tactics must work together to achieve business goals

Jeriah Owyang, Industry analyst with the Altimeter Group, posted an article defining strategy and tactics by their associated actions. Below is my interpretation for aviation marketers:

Aviation manufacturers need strategic thinking and tactical execution to move the business forward. If you have strategy without tactics, then the big idea is never implemented. If you implement tactics without a strategy, you end up herding cats.

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Aviation Marketing: Social media strategy and measurement metrics

Like a good pilot, aviation marketers should chart a course for identifying social media direction, measurement metrics, and business results.

The Altimeter Group published an open research study entitled “A Framework for Social Analytics”. They propose a social media measurement compass as a way to keep social media activities on course and measure social media’s impact on achieving business goals.

My interpretation for aviation marketers is that they should take a granular look at their business operations for areas of opportunity beyond marketing where social media can enhance business process and revenue generation.

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Aviation Marketing: Dynamic customers require quality content

Aviation marketers should pay attention to consistency of story to keep dynamic customer engaged in phased purchase cycle.

Connecting with dynamic customers is challenging, requiring aviation component and system manufacturers to engage their customers with a positive brand experience, and consistent story line through-out the phased purchase cycle of awareness, consideration and intent.

Jeremiah Owyang, industry analyst and partner at the Altimeter Group presented at the Digital Blue conference. The presentation was to help companies better understand changing industry dynamics, identify innovative companies and to learn from best-of-bred in other markets.

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Content development for aviation marketing is a communal affair

Content development for aviation marketing is a company-wide affair, led by the marketing department but requiring consensus and support from the C-Suite and the engineering department.

The Altimeter Group recently published a research study entitled “Content: The New Marketing Equation.” The research methodology is based on qualitative interviews from marketers in 38 companies. Many of the brands are leading B2B and B2C companies, including: Continue reading