Aviation Marketing: Dynamic customers require quality content

Aviation marketers should pay attention to consistency of story to keep dynamic customer engaged in phased purchase cycle.

Connecting with dynamic customers is challenging, requiring aviation component and system manufacturers to engage their customers with a positive brand experience, and consistent story line through-out the phased purchase cycle of awareness, consideration and intent.

Jeremiah Owyang, industry analyst and partner at the Altimeter Group presented at the Digital Blue conference. The presentation was to help companies better understand changing industry dynamics, identify innovative companies and to learn from best-of-bred in other markets.


Relationships with aviation brands are changing. Users want to talk about your brand, so give them a reason to.

How do users interact with brands via Facebook and Twitter?

  • 29% of Twitter users follow a brand
  • 39% have tweeted about a brand
  • 29% have re-tweeted about a brand
  • 58% of Facebook users have “Liked” a brand
  • 42% have mentioned a brand in a status update
  • 41% have shared a link, video or story about a brand

Research conducted by AYTM.com

The customer journey is dynamic.

Mediums and channels are constantly changing. Look at the rise of Google+ and Pinterest. To avoid following behind, aviation marketers must focus on quality content and relationships to survive. Savvy marketers see the opportunities and are developing innovative social media tools to respond to changes in customer behavior.

Adapting to a dynamic customer environment means aviation marketers need to integrate owned, earned and paid media.

Customers expect a complete brand experience through the phased purchase consideration.


  • Tell a story, don’t shout – Create quality content that engages by focusing on the life style or work style of your prospects. 
  • Social context targetingMobile, location, and social data collide, creating new mediums and channels.


  • Dynamic customers compare alternatives, especially for high value considered purchase items. Leverage brand advocates but don’t wear out your welcome.
  • Commodity products – Find your point of differentiation through innovation or service.


  • Online reviews – automate to distribute on multiple platforms, increasing the reach of the crowd.
  • Balance content and privacy – Understand the “social media” contract you have with your customers and explain how you will secure and use their data.

Key points on creating dynamic customer environment:

  • With more data available we can accelerate customers through the funnel faster than ever before.
  • Today‘s customer is dynamic. Develop a story that spans all phases of the funnel, and across all mediums.
  • Conduct ongoing research, as the customer moves quickly.
  • Use the Customer Funnel and fill in all the gaps across paid, owned, and earned media.

Click the link to view Jeremiah’s complete Slide Share presentation: “Strategy: Lead the Dynamic Customer Journey”

photo credit: portland general via photo pin cc

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