Aviation Marketing: Digital’s impact on the 4 marketing P’s

Extending brand engagement through digital services
Technology can enhance and solidify the emotional connection to the brand.

Digital technology is affecting the 4 marketing P’s – Product, Price, Placement, and Promotion – by extending brand engagement. Adept aviation marketers are adding value to their brand by providing digital services that complement the user’s life style and the core product offering.

The digital side of the marketing 4-P’s:

Product – the nature of what a brand can provide for consumers has been transformed by technology

Brand interaction is not limited to a specific time and place. Mobile platforms are providing access to the extended brand offering when the consumer has the greatest need.

Digital stickiness

  • Digitally delivered services bolster the brand’s value proposition
  • Opportunity for mass customization by personalizing products
  • Ability to service niche audiences with specific product offerings
  • Digital channels can involve customers in product development and design


  • Southwest Airlines App
  • Nike Training Club App
  • Starbucks App to pay with iPhone or iPod
  • Customizable M&M’s – mymms.com
  • Starbucks crowd sources R&D – my Starbucksidea.force.com

Price – price transparency is transformational in many product categories

Pre-digital, business controlled the information and shared it on a one-to-many communication model.  Now information is everywhere, ushering in price transparency.


  • Jetcost  – cheap flight comparison app
  • Liligo – flight search engine app
  • Travelocity.com
  • Esurance.com
  • Google price comparison
  • CouponcodesUSA.com
  • Mobile coupons that allow stores to appeal to customers in the immediate area
  • Bulk purchasing on Amazon.com

Placement – Electronic (e)-commerce, Mobile (m)-commerce and Social (s)- commerce are changing the purchasing habits of consumers.

Digital connectivity in media turns media channels into commerce channels.  Consumer purchasing behavior has changed where online purchasing is an accepted form of commerce. Because the supply side is now well developed, there is less fear of purchasing online due to improved online security and widespread broadband access.

Promotion – the nature of “promotion” has fundamentally changed because of new places to influence consumers and new ways of influencing

The biggest influencer on promotion is search. Now through behavioral targeting, brands can present relevant content at the time and place when consumers are the most receptive to special offers.

To this, add location-based promotion via mobile platforms and in the not too distant future, connected TV. All of this will require a content-centered strategy not necessarily promoting products, but providing content relevant to the viewer’s life style.

photo credit: Robert Scoble via photopin cc

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