Why strong brand recognition is important for organic search


As paid search advertising becomes more intrusive, organic search listings have become more illusive.

Depending on your browser search engine preference, you may have noticed a change in the SERP (Search Engine Page Results) for organic listings.

This is due to the fact that search engines make their money from paid search advertising and because of this, more page space is being allocated to paid search results at the top, bottom, and side bar of the browser window.

What you can do to improve your organic search position:

1. Work on increasing your brand awareness levels.

One of cornerstones of traditional advertising is to increase brand awareness and preference. These soft analytics still contribute to organic search conversion results. For example, with paid search listings at the top and bottom of the page, achieving top of page ranking is now a matter of bidding, keyword content, and landing page relevance. Strong brand recognition in the organic search section located in the middle of the page pulls the viewer toward an emotional connection with your brand.

 2. Join the fray and start an Ad Words campaign.

Research conducted by Google in affiliation with Millward Brown found that 89% of business-to-business purchasing decisions start with internet research. If this is the case, then why don’t B-to-B brands invest in keyword advertising? In addition, more search traffic is being generated by mobile users, so it’s more important than previously thought for your website and landing pages to be mobile-friendly.

3. Optimize your website and landing pages to include key search terms that are related to your product and service offerings.

One of the things that search engines look for is the relevance of your landing pages compared to the terms of the search query. Google uses a quality score determined by an internal system that ranks your landing page as to where it will appear in SERP results.

4. Enlist social network channels to contribute to referral search results.

If you use Google analytics, take a look your acquisition analytics under channel grouping. In this section you will see where your website traffic is coming from — direct, organic search, referral, and social. Social networks can have a positive impact on the number of new sessions, pages per session, and time on site, all of which can lead to inquiries (conversions) for your product or service.

Search engines own the internet. The more educated you are about how they rank your website and landing pages, the more you can optimize them to improve your organic search results.

Copyright: timbrk / 123RF Stock Photo

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